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Color Core Graphics has over forty years of exceptional printing and lithography service and has worked extensively in all aspects of graphic arts. Core Color Graphics (CCG) offers truly advanced printing experiences. CCG has a unique set of in-house services to provide you with all of the necessary tools that make your products shine. We offer a wide range of printed marketing materials from booklets and postcards, to window clings and embossed banners, to UV embellishments and custom POP displays.

At Core, our mission is customer satisfaction. We thrive to form a partnership with our clients offering you superior customer service, unsurpassed experience and innovative solutions for your project which is of great importance in today’s economic environment.

Core Color Graphics provides you with a Superior Professional Printing Service. We partner with you to help quantify your project to meet goals and obtain a positive resukt. We offer turn-key service for every job from initial estimate to final printed product.

Core Color Graphics manufactures all work in-house for quality and service readiness at our state of the art facility in Trevose, PA. We proof, print, score, fold, stitch, shrink, mount, pack and ship same day if needed. Our experienced staff will guide you and help you develop specification for your job with ease.

Core Color Graphics will help you WIN customers and get results!

Our mixed media printing approach adds a unique flavor to ensure positive and successful results for your campaign.

Offset Printing/Lithography

Offset Printing is the standard printing method used around the world since the 20th century. Also called offset lithography, this form of printing produces the bulk of mass printing production used by businesses and organizations of all types.

In offset printing, text and art is put on thin metal plates which are then dampened with water and ink by rollers on the press. The oil-based ink adheres to the image area, the water to the non-image area. The inked area is then transferred to a rubber cylinder or “blanket” and then onto the paper as it passes around the blanket. The process is called “offset” since the image doesn’t go directly from the plates to the paper, but is offset or transferred to another surface as the intermediary.

Offset commercial printing presses and inkjet desktop printers both use four basic ink colors:

cyan (blue), magenta, yellow, and black. Where inkjet printing puts all the different ink colors on the paper in one pass through the printer, in offset printing each color of ink is applied separately – one plate per color. Small dots of the four color inks are deposited in specific patterns that make our eyes believe we are seeing a wide range of colors.

Offset printing can also use premixed inks in specific colors including metallic and fluorescent colors, called spot colors, to obtain hues outside the normal color range of process printing.

When you need 250 to 500 or more business cards, postcards, posters, glossy brochures, flyers, or catalogs, offset printing is tough to beat for high-end quality at an affordable price. Offset printing enables small businesses to compete with the “big guys” by providing professional-looking marketing materials.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a popular method for printing large orders of custom labels at rapid speeds. Unlike digital label printing, flexographic printing transfers ink onto the chosen material using flexible printing plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders. Flexographic printing plates allow customization options that are not possible with some other types of presses.

Flexographic printing is significantly faster than digital, making large runs of labels more cost-effective to print on flexo presses. This type of printing uses “plates” are thin sheets of polymer material, laser engraved with an image of your digital artwork. These plates are wrapped around cylinders and installed on the press, where it is coated with ink that then transfers onto the web-fed material; each color being printed requires it’s own plate. We have the ability to produce these plates in-house, a capability that not every label printing company has. This allows us to save you time and money with faster lead times and elimination of the cost of a third-party plate maker.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is the term used to describe printing technology that links printing processes to computers. Digital printing is different compared to offset printing. Digital printing does not use plates and ink mixing like offset printing, the final printing product can be delivered more quickly. Additionally digital printing can create a single copy of a product with very minimal setup. We can provide you with a single sticker or a business card for your approval before you commit to a larger amount of a certain item.

The nice thing about digital printing is how it allows for quick design changes and manipulations. If your sample is printed and the image is not satisfactory, it can be changed with minimal effort.

Digital data is easily stored and updated, so we can present you with designs with slightly different variances between each print.

With digital printing, the completed items are all precise and consistent because the image is digitally stored and not physically handled, eliminating human error. Unlike other methods of printing where there is extensive set-up and preparation, digital printing is fast and accurate.  Printing jobs can be done on short notice with relative ease.

Large Format Printing

When you need an oversized graphics display for a meeting, trade show, storefront, or special events, you will likely require the work of a large-format printer. This type of printing is also known as wide-format printing.

This type of printing encompasses building wraps, billboards, banners, POP displays, even vehicle graphics.

A wide format printer typically prints on large paper, which can range from two to more than 15 feet in width. Such printers typically use inkjet technology to print on a variety of output, including premium glossy-coated paper for signs and posters.

For Wide-Format Printing, Core Color Graphics uses a Roland LEC VersaUV 30″ inkjet printer/cutter because of its unique capabilities. This printer is in a league of its own because of all the effects CCG is able to create.

From roll stock to card stock, the VersaUV delivers detailed image quality at resolutions up to 1440 dpi. Print flawless graphics and text with vibrant Roland Eco-UV inks including CMYK, White and Clear Coat for remarkable special effects ranging from gloss or matte finishes to custom textures and simulated embossing. Additionally, the VersaUV LEC automatically scores and contour cuts virtually any size and shape for unmatched versatility

3D Printing

3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. There are different 3D printing technologies and materials you can print with, but all are based on the same principle where a digital model is turned into a solid three-dimensional physical object by adding material layer by layer.

3D printing machines vary in terms of the materials used to create three dimensional objects. Large industrial machines use a laser to selectively melt metal powder at high temperatures. The printing can take hours to complete depending on the size, and the printed objects are often post-processed to reach a desired finish.

Available materials also vary by printer type, ranging from plastics to rubber, sandstone, metals and alloys – with more and more materials appearing on the market every year.

To 3D print something, first you need a 3D model, the mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object. 3D models are created using computer-aided design tools, various specialized software tools that simplify the design process on computers, tablets or even smartphones.

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