Located in Bucks County, Core Color Graphics offers professional photography services to small businesses and other customers in Philadelphia and its suburbs. Our product photography service stands out from our competitors to give you the edge in sales.

How Our Product Photography Process Works

You simply provide us with the best samples of what you sell. We take pictures from as many angles as you desire to show the full details of each product. These are sharp, color-correct and professionally-lit photos. We’ll also photograph numerous color, size and style variations if you wish. We provide these high-quality digital photos to you for your use on your website, in a catalog or in any marketing pieces.

Don’t Leave Your Success to Chance

It may be easy for you to believe, in this day when all phones incorporate increasingly powerful cameras, that you can just take your own product photos. There is a reason, though, that big-name companies pay professional photographers to take pictures of their products.

Our professional photographers know the best angles to take pictures from to put your product’s best foot forward. In marketing, a picture is worth a thousand words, but this is only true if that picture is of extremely high quality. We actually learn about your products and what a customer would use them for to help guide us in determining what are the most important aspects of it to display. We also employ more sophisticated lighting to attain the perfect shots than can be duplicated from any cameras built-in flash.

We also know how to take the number of photos necessary from various angles to enable you to set them up online in a way where people can rotate each picture, so they can see your product from many different angles. This provides an immersive experience for the website viewer and increases the chance that they will convert into a customer.

The Professional Solution You Need

At Core Color Graphics, we serve customers throughout Bucks County and beyond. Our professional photography service offers your small business an effective, affordable solution that will drive sales from your website or bring customers to your door who are ready to buy. In addition to product photography, we can also provide images of any services you offer. Whatever service business you are in, custom action shots of you or an employee providing your service will be more impactful than generic, stock photography. Contact us today to learn how you can boost conversions, sales and your bottom line through the use of images that make the customer feel they have what you offer in their hands and that they can’t get along without it.