Brand Color Management

Corporate Colors for Brand Recognition

Color coordination to ensure your brand’s colors are correctly represented on packaging, marketing materials *Link to Custom Box Wraps and Pocket Folders*, products *Link to Product Launch Collateral*, and more!
We understand the challenges associated with keeping your brand’s color scheme consistent across all intended media:

  • Selecting colors not intended for a specific media
  • Inaccurate or inconsistent communication throughout the duration of the project
  • Not being able to see final results until the product is already on the shelf

And it is for these reasons that we are proud to offer our brand color management services. Product manufacturing and design are rarely performed in the same building, let alone the same state or county. Many people during the process have a hand in how your brand is represented so it is more crucial than ever to monitor your supply chain!

Consistent Representation of Your Brand

By following standards from the International Color Consortium, you can expect our work to be nothing less than perfect. By asking questions such as, “Are we using uncoated papers or coated papers as a substrate,” or, “Does this proof match the type of substrate we will use in the future,” and MANY more, we are able to keep your brand’s colors consistent across all substrates and media!

Vibrant colors, perfect finishing and reliable service, we take the time to look at your files to make sure that we print it the way you want it. We will color correct to help with mixed media color curve and make sure your printing passes color match and corporate color standards.

Custom Box Wraps and Pocket Folders

Create Custom Packaging that Reflects Your Brand

Why not stand out and rise above the competition with luxury brand promotion?

Market to your top five prospects and make them your next five customers. Make an offer they cannot refuse! We will help you combine techniques so your customers will know who you are. Companies across the world are already using custom box wraps to keep themselves in the public eye. They are able to do so through the coordinated efforts of brand color management in addition to using other various other color scheming techniques.

For custom box wraps, we are able to customize it to your complete desire. Whether you need embossing or debossing to add different dimensions, spot UV to make your brand’s name pop, foil stamping, we are able to fully customize it!

Pocket Folders for Any Purpose in Any Variety

You read that correctly! With dozens of different stocks readily available to choose from, the choice is yours to find the one that matches your needs. We have the awareness, printing experience, and tools to get the job done right the FIRST time! All of our services are performed in-house at our Trevose, PA location. We proof, print, score, fold, stitch, mount, pack, and ship all in the same day, if needed. For more information about our custom box wraps or pocket folders, contact us immediately!

Kiss and Die Cut Labels

Any Shape, Any Size

Express yourself with custom labels of any shape or size. Reflect who you really are!
Kiss cutting is an extremely popular method for creative labels that is being used by companies, brands, organizations, and even individuals every day. During the process of kiss-cutting, a sharp metal die or laser beam cuts around the perimeter of the label. However, the incision does not penetrate the label’s backing. This leaves you with the full label still in tact, as opposed to a die cut label which does penetrate the backing.

Kiss cut stickers offer many benefits, but perhaps one of the most prevalent is the fact that the rectangular backing keeps the same shape.  This make packaging, transportation, and can even prevent sharp points from being nicked or bent.

Think of Die Cuts as if they’re cookie cutters!  As mentioned previously, the incision penetrates the backing so you’re left with the unique shape of the label.  If your label is a circle, you’ll be left with a circle.  If your label is an octagon, you’ll be left with an octagon!  If your brand is fortunate enough to have color management, then you’re one step closer to creating the perfect labels for your specific needs.  With unbeatable prices, guaranteed satisfaction, and the best quality prints in Bucks County, there are plenty of good reasons to get your brand noticed.

For both Kiss and Die cut, the options are as wide as your imagination.  When our team at Core Color Graphics gets to work on your project, you can expect nothing but the best!  Contact a representative today to get started!

6-Color Conventional Offset Lithography

Stationery For Businesses or Individuals Looking to Make Their Mark

What kind of letterhead do you need?
At Core Color Graphics, our vision is to help make yours come true! With our 2-color stationery coming at affordable prices and quick turn-around, there is no time like the present to start sending your message! For businesses, stationery needs to reflect a sense of trust and professionalism; it

Wedding Invitations

Core Color Graphics provides leadership and excellence for exquisite wedding invitations and special events. Invitations, Envelopes, Calligraphy, Embossed Cards, Ribbons on large selection of premium papers. We are experts in assisting you in every aspect of your event including writing and preparing content for perfect communication for you. Fast and within budget every time!

Planograms for Retail

Picture this~ Your products in your neighborhood retail store! Are you asking for shelf space? be prepared “You need to pitch the idea and how your retail space is going to look” Core color is your source for your shelf plan. Custom Plano-Grams to spec.

Exterior Signage

Core Color Graphics & Interactive Presents; “New Custom Exterior Signage_ Increasing:Campaign Awareness and Boosting Sales and not to mention Happy Pets.